News Rover Upgrade and Subscription Renewal

You can upgrade to the latest version of News Rover for $29.95 and extend your subscription to the the News Rover search service for another year.

Renewing your subscription provides two benefits:
  1. You will have continued access to the Global Usenet search service provided by News Rover for another year.
  2. You can upgrade for free to all new versions of News Rover released while your subscription is active.

If you have previously purchased the Password Privacy Option or the Media Player Option, you do not need to purchase it again. It will be included with your key.

If you are not already a registered News Rover customer, please visit our standard Registration page.

Please fill in the information below. After processing your order we'll e-mail you a registration key.

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Add the Password Privacy Option (Price = $9.90) Information on Password Option

Add the iPod/Windows Media Player Option (Price = $9.85) Information on iPod/Windows Media Player Option

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